Daniel Roberts is Valuing Sustainability in Property Developments

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One essential aspect of property development is sustainability. It determines the period where the company can thrive given its resources and the challenges in the industry. Also, sustainability means practical ways of conserving resources without compromising certain interests. 

Perhaps as an investor or someone who has knowledge of how the business works, you are already familiar with how important being sustainable is. It is all about survival and success rate, in other words.

Daniel Roberts is a popular property developer when it comes to building a sustainable project. He has the capabilities, training, and experience to meet the expectations of investors. Since 2006, he has been working in the field as a professional quantity surveyor. Eventually, he decided to establish his own company, Quantus Solutions, as he believes that he can help many clients through his own initiatives.

Quantus Solutions is now widely known in Australia being a reliable and competent company that specializes in engineering services. It provides comprehensive assistance to clients from documentary requirements to the actual construction of the project. The team of professionals is working together to ensure that the targets are met, in terms of budget, manpower, execution, and other considerations such as environmental conservation and protection.

Daniel Roberts offers sustainability to the clients. This is the area that he usually focuses on. He loves the environment and making innovations, after all. Once you work with him, you would discover the character of this man that sets him above the rest. To give you an idea about what “sustainability” means for Daniel and his team at Quantus Solutions, take a look at these interesting facts:

Sustainable Projects in Motion

Building a sustainable project requires passion and an appropriate approach. In Daniel’s case, he puts resources on research to create strategies that enable him to provide sustainable benefits for any investor.  Corporate techniques are funded with millions of dollars to ensure the smooth and effective operation of Quantus Solutions. Daniel Roberts Developer believes that this is the essence of taking action and leading by example.

Through a simple and scalable business model, the company is able to offer extra value and professional service to large and small projects. Everyone is heard in the company. Customer support is ideal for productive discussions with team members and investors. Daniel values individual expression as one key for efficient work performance. Support to stakeholders is also provided to bring forward the goals of everyone.

As a team, Quantus Solutions works as a collaboration of creative people that are focused on results. It provides an environment that develops a deeper connection and bridges the gap between essential matters such as the opportunity for growth and cost risk.  As part of its services, Quantus Solutions is guiding clients to making well-informed decisions.

Once sustainability is in question, the focus shifts to what needs to be done. The discussion engages participation from everyone. Sometimes the matter at hand would involve construction materials that are found unsustainable. In this case, the company deals with the problem by having what is acceptable to its standards.

Although some clients are not very particular with this, Quantus Solutions believes that guidance is part of its job. Daniel Roberts Builder has a name and reputation to maintain. So, whenever an investor entrusts him with a project, he makes sure that everything is aligned with the core values and principles that he holds ever since.

Helping in the Conservation of Environment

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Climate change is a global issue. It requires everyone’s cooperation to minimize its effects. In construction projects, there are areas that can significantly add to the problem. The use of materials that would emit harmful chemicals can contribute to environmental hazards.

Thanks to the idea that Daniel Roberts Newcastle has implemented in Quantus Solutions. The investors are given the option to have a zero-carbon property which entails advantages over traditional ways. Everyone can now have homes that are environment-friendly.

Interestingly, the concern for the environment has even gained the attention of the richest man on the planet today, Elon Musk. He proposed a price of $50,000 per ton and $100m for any person who can capture 1,000 tons of carbon within 4 years.

In Australia, it was found that around 70 tons of CO2 are emitted by typical residential homes. While residential constructions can emit a total of 33,000 tons per year. That’s a huge figure when combined on an annual basis.

The main reason for this hazardous high emission is that the residential market is dominated by the project builders that manufacture low-quality and high-volume products that fall below the requirements for what is otherwise acceptable in terms of environmental standards. Meaning to say, the emphasis is on the speed versus the cost of the production, which may not be favorable on many occasions.

Revolutionary Carbon-capturing Homes

One significant milestone in the construction industry is the development of zero-carbon homes. Quantus Solutions is among the companies that are innovating home designs for the market. They want to have a building that can help in the protection of the environment and also minimize the use of some resources.

What Daniel Roberts asked when he was contemplating from the point of view of investors is: “Can we live in a home that is both functional and does not cause harm to the environment?”

The answer to such a question has become the structure of his initiatives to have homes that are specially designed to reduce resources. It is not surprising that Daniel’s innovation has attracted attention from investors and other developers. He now targets to produce negative and carbon-capturing homes before the end of this year.

Daniel Roberts is an example of a man who has a greater purpose in life. Through his career, he is not only achieving something for himself but more so for the development of new ideas that would make the construction industry more eco-friendly.

From his works and ideas, it is apparent that Daniel gives importance to sustainability as the main ingredient of what he calls a profession, but can be a blessing for many people.

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